Our Mission

Our mission at Precision Construction Co. is simple and two-fold:

Provide all clients with the highest quality workmanship based on the client’s vision.

Provide all clients with personalized service with enthusiasm and joy.

Over the past several years, our commitment to these simple goals has earned us the respect, trust and business of countless of clients who, oftentimes, will go out of their way to praise our work and recommend our services to their closest friends, family and neighbors.

Although our goals are simple and straightforward, from time to time, we are unsuccessful in completing our mission. A budget oversight on the part of a client or unrealistic expectations may prevent a ‘meeting of the minds’. In order to prevent this, we focus on keeping lines of communication open at all times. We work with our clients to set realistic goals and formulate expectations based on the budget that you set. Overall from pricing to performance, core values of integrity, honesty and service, Precision Construction Co. should be on your list of contractors to consult.